What is Organ donation?

Let’s be honest, no one really wants to talk about organs.

Even typing that makes me feel like I should apologise for putting a dampener on your day. I feel like some crazy Frankenstein assistant who corners you on the street saying “Hey! How was work? Have you thought about your own impending mortality today?! No?! What a shame – let’s jump right in!!”

…So yeah. I’m sorry in advance because this post might feel a little uncomfortable and weird at times.
But I’m also – I’m so incredibly not sorry – because this post could save you or a loved ones life.

Education is power. Let get empowered by becoming educated about organ donation.

What is Organ donation?

Organ donation is when you give an organ to someone else that needs a transplant.

There are different types of organ donation:

  • Living organ donation:

While you are alive you can donate a kidney, or in some cases a small section on your liver, lung, bone and amniotic membrane (part of the placenta), to another person in need. People can donate to a friend or family member, to someone they don’t know, or via a paired donation scheme where donors join a matching scheme to give to those in need. Click here to read more

  • Donation after death:

When someone dies in particular circumstances, their organs can be used to save the life of another. Medically, there are two forms of death:

Brain death – when there is severe brain injury and permanent loss of the potential for consciousness and the ability to breathe.

Circulatory death – when there is irreversible loss of function of the heart and lungs after a cardiac arrest (heart stops beating).

People can choose to donate after death  by joining the organ donor register and telling their friends and family that they would want to give someone else life after their death.

Something will happen to our bodies when we pass on. We can’t really guarantee when, where or how we pass, but what we can do is choose to give life after life and help those in need – by joining the organ donor register today.


Doctor Sara

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