Are you ok? – Mental Health Awarenss

This post is a little late for Mental Health Awareness week.

But let’s be honest, if it wasn’t late you’d probably doubt that it was me who wrote it.

I’d like a little chat, if that’s okay.

When we are young (if we’re lucky) life is like a little dream. One plus one equals two and anything that says otherwise can not count. What we haven’t seen we haven’t seen and what we do not know does not exist.

Then time happens.

Moments become months become years becomes this bizarre thing called life. Suddenly we are faced with new and challenging situations that we have zero prior experience or knowledge of. Broken bones and failed exams can become broken relationships and lost jobs. Dreams and ambitions can become distant memories and fear-filled failures.

What we swear we knew for sure, we become unsure of. And my goodness, it can be terrifying.

I think… maybe… our minds are kind of like cars? If you don’t check them as the miles tick on, one day the miles may stop ticking. Maybe we need to maintain our minds, to pause and check them, fill them up and assess them.

MOT your car? MOT your mind.

Recently I had my own troubles and you wouldn’t believe how I kept me from acknowledging them. I denied and denied until I broke.

My goodness, it felt good to break.

I told my mum everything. Absolutely everything. Every fear, every loneliness, every work related heart breaking loss I’d suppressed. Every doubt that surrounded my new working adult life. It’s silly how long I held it in. It’s silly how I truly did not see it building. Like a lot of experiences in life, those feelings were new. They were nothing I had been familiar with before. I am at peace now that I told someone. I sought help and help was there.

So, dear internet friend who I may or may not ever meet, I say this from a sincere, genuine, ‘I’ve felt crap and it was really crap’ place:

there is no shame in struggling.


There are never any points for pride.


There is absolutely, undeniably NO SHAME in struggling. You don’t need to be above this. You don’t need to have a reason. You don’t owe anyone an excuse. You don’t have to fight it alone.

Are you depressed?

Are you lonely?

Are you hearing thoughts that scare you?

Please talk to someone. Please talk to a professional.

You wouldn’t be ashamed of getting help to fix a punctured tyre.

and Lord knows you matter far more.


Dr Sara Sienna

Click here for help.

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