Travel Diary #2: THE FLIGHT

viewTuesday 24th October 8:11 am

Heathrow International Airport


I breathe in as I squeeze past the blonde lady and into the middle seat, apologising as my bum brushes her waist. “No worries” She assures me. Something tells me on the 23rd occasion she won’t be quite as pleasant.

Middle seat for an 11 hour flight – awesome.

There’s not much leg room, and I feel pretty claustrophobic. The lady to my left looks a little unearthed, but for a last minute booking £400 return flight? I can’t complain.

I’M GOING TO LA!!! I scream outside my lungs, smile stretching from ear to ear. It will be my first time in the States and Lord knows it’s long overdue. I always felt part American growing up. All of my favourite singers, actors and athletes were Americans and I keep up with their politics so avidly that I should probably be allowed to vote. As I ponder this, I suddenly realise that I know more ad-libs for the US anthem than God save the Queen – thanks Destiny’s Child.

Determined to make the flight productive, I whip out my book “How To Be a Bawse” and allow the power house that is Lily Singh to wash over me for the next 11 hours.



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